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People Analytics & Workforce Planning

Over the past 12 months HR teams have focused all their energies on supporting staff through a pandemic, leaving little time for data analysis, dashboard development and creating meaningful people data insight.

For many HR and Finance functions, HR data means data entry, identifying input errors and software updates. But it can be so much more.

HR insight matters more today than ever before

As businesses have adopted new ways of working People Analytics has emerged as a “must-have” requirement for all aspiring HR departments.

Insightful People Analytics requires individuals with analytical skills, technical knowledge and an ability to uncover the HR data story. In essence a modern day “HR Data Detective”.

This new breed of HR data specialist is a combination of HR Business Partner, Analyst, Project Manager and IT Technical Support. This takes years of experience to acquire, coupled with a true passion for HR, IT and Customer Service.

Qualities our HR Data Detectives possess:

  • passionate about HR data analysis, insight and HCM software
  • comfortable providing stakeholder feedback, end-user demos and HCM software support
  • experienced in managing HR projects, IT developers and off-shore teams

Delivering HR Data Projects and People Analytics

Your people data

Our Developers and Software Architects will work with your HR and IT teams to understand what people data you have and where it’s located. They’ll then work on connecting your systems and data to perform people data analysis

Our data analysis

Our Business Analysts and Data Scientists can design, develope and provide you with insightful reports connecting your people data to people analytics promoting better business decisions by everyone across your business

Reporting your vision

Our team of Senior Data Visualisation specialists will work with you to visualise and present your Workforce Planning Strategy, translating your vision into real-time accessible BI graphs, reports, dashboards and Power Apps for HR teams, directors and line managers

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