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People Analytics & Workforce Planning

Technology is changing at an ever increasing pace. More advanced computing power and capabilities means businesses, especially HR and Finance departments, are being deluged with data to process, record and interpret.

For many HR and Finance teams, more data means more time spent on data input and upkeep, leaving little time or effort for data analysis and insight.

People Analytics matters even more today than it did one, two and even five years ago.

75% of HR departments are merely scratching the surface of People Analytics

McKinsey Study 2019

But why and how can the HR community change this?

In a recent study conducted by LinkedIn they identified that North American companies are ahead of their Global and European counterparts in adopting HR Analytics practices and having a dedicated HR resource responsible for HR Analytics.

However, this only represents 22% of North American companies with an HR Function, of which only 11% have adopted the role of HR Analysts itself.

New Skills for HR to learn… or not?

Historically Human Resources teams have always been very good at interpreting and communicating corporate legalities, people skills and implementing people strategies.

Software database knowledge, data analysis skills and technical logical thinking have always been much lower down, if not at the bottom, of the skills requirements for a HR professional.

This is all about to change in the new world of HR data analysis, with new analytical skills, technical knowledge and software applications experience being required for the new role of HR Analytical Specialist. However, many studies have already identified that these key skills and IT knowledge are in short supply.

The new HR People Data Specialist needs to be a combination of IT specialist, HR Business Partner and Business Analyst, skilled in combining IT and HR – not someone historically found in either departmental functions.

This is where we can help as we have all these skills and people.

Your people data

Our Developers and Software Architects will work with your HR and IT teams to understand what people data you have and where it’s located. They’ll then work on connecting your systems and data to perform people data analysis

Our data analysis

Our Business Analysts and Data Scientists can design, develope and provide you with insightful reports connecting your people data to people analytics promoting better business decisions by everyone across your business

Reporting your vision

Our team of Senior Data Visualisation specialists will work with you to visualise and present your Workforce Planning Strategy, translating your vision into real-time accessible BI graphs, reports and Power Apps for HR teams, directors and line managers

Despite the progress that is being made, people analytics has yet to reach its full potential….. However, the people analytics of the future will likely pull in behavioural data to help uncover information that organisations have not yet been able to detect, like what drives future employee actions.

Deloitte 2020

Helping you to interpret your People Data

In today’s world HR directors and teams are busy managing day-to-day employee matters, policies and implementing HR initiatives.

We can support your HR processes and strategies by providing a structure of analytical tools and Workforce Planning reports to connect people analytics with business data.

We can help HR professionals to understand the impact of people data in supporting non-HR professionals make better business decisions on organisational issues important to them.

By applying HR Analytics Data science, modelling and insight for the modern Human Resources function.

What are you waiting for?

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