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Data Analysis, Data Science & Machine Learning

Big Data is big business, but you might not have the time, resources or skills within your internal team to decipher your data mountain in order to predict your future.

We might not have a crystal ball, but we do have a team of experts skilled in looking at data points and predicting a future state based on models, timelines and data science.

Our team are specialised in taking your data to the next level to predict potential outcomes and help your organisation make key decisions now for the future.

At Viewpoint BI we have access to a myriad of analytical tools, techniques and data models that are beneficial for business functions such as Human Resources, Finance, Operations and Sales. Some models are “out-of-the-box” solutions provided by the key machine learning tools we use, whereas other we’ve developed to help business clients perform key Business Analysis and advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Business Intelligence

At Viewpoint BI we can help you achieve enterprise level analytics and business intelligence.

We can examine multiple data formats held in a variety of data sources, wherever it sits within your organisation. No need to worry if your datasets are structured or unstructured, in a legacy database or housed in various excel spreadsheets, we can work with whatever data you have.

Using data analytics techniques and technologies we will examine your data to obtain useful insights, undertake data scientific predictive analysis and draw conclusions about the data before providing you with insight into your data.

Analyse products, sales & customers

We can help you analyse your sales, customer, supplier and human resources data. We are experienced in providing clients with data comparisons to highlight year-on-year growth, products compared to market trends and percentage growth based on chosen date ranges.

We can help you get the most out of your data and solve real business problems that affect your bottom line.

Benefits of using our data analysis services

We have been delivering data analytics since 2002, working with internal IT teams, software developers and business users to help organisations deliver their data analytics projects.

Whether you need help with developing a proof-of-concept, gaining stakeholder buying or getting a data project off the ground, we can help you.

Interpreting your data

If you need an expert opinion or support in interpreting you data, we are here to help. We are experienced in providing one-off and regular analysis of client data.

Recent projects include:

  • Analysis of Human Resource & Financial data
  • BAU report creation
  • Monthly retainer service – HR data review & report results
  • Analysis of Developer Coding before development of business as usual monthly reports
  • Industry data review – review and preparation of data for bespoke software development tool
  • Diversity and Inclusion reporting – understanding people in an organisation, what makes them tick, why they stay and cultural mix (part of our People Analytics insight tools)