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Software Development, Data Engineering & Database Architecture

By using Microsoft Azure and other data warehouse infrastructure we are able to provide you with state of the art software and data storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional servers and data warehouses.

No need for you to purchase costly in-house servers, install software updates, worry about IT department lead times or out-of-date backups. Utilising the Microsoft platform means that everything will be in the Cloud, your data will be accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, at a fraction of cost…. we’ll simply take away your IT nightmare, giving you the freedom to access your data whenever you want, where ever you want…. a win:win situation you might say!

As part of our service you will be assigned one of our experienced software architects to your projects, however big or small. We pride ourselves in taking care of your data and it’s security, giving you peace of mind as your data security is paramount to us.

Benefits of using the Cloud

Storing your data in the Cloud has never been so easy, efficient or cost effective. With a pricing model based on demand, typically you will only pay for data storage and the time it takes to run your business analysis.

By using Microsoft, Google AWS or other online data storage services means your data and backup will be in multiple locations, providing you with data resilience and disaster recovery.

Our software

Our team have the skills to design, develop and deliver our very own software tools that help businesses manage their people and report to stakeholders on key business issues.

Below are some of our online business tools.

WaypointHR Redundancy Selection

A redundancy selection framework that helps you identify employees to make redundant – fairly and efficiently.

Our online redundancy selection tool helps businesses to manage their redundancy rounds by:

  • Capturing roles and people at risk of redundancy within their business
  • Score employees against a structured redundancy selection criteria
  • Objectively, fairly and impartially select which people will be made redundant
  • Retain selection criteria, scores and evidence to support redundancy decisions
  • Share with staff details of how the selection process works

click here to take a look at WaypointHR Redundancy Selection